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Hi, my name is Mark Waddell and I live in New Zealand with my colleague from Chile. When I met last year, already spoke English well, but say to realize that there were a lot of English languages that did not understand at all. She looked at me blankly when I used to joke with her in rocket languages games ' double entendres ' and used to be the only one who doesn't laugh when a group of Chileans who gather for a barbecue. With us both being very busy in our work, the Spaniard was gathering was slow and full of slang, so, in January, I decided to go get a Spanish-language program on the Internet. I was really impressed with the service provided by Mauricio and I must admit was skeptical at the beginning such an offer on the internet. I tend to learn a little and so even though formally in Spanish-style rocket I lot. I was so wrong! The lessons are informal and relaxed so that it is easy to take a word or two quickly and within a few weeks, you realize you are beginning to understand the sentence structure in Spanish. Then you can get rocket Spanish formal offers as part of their package. Even the language games are great! Now I can quickly get a general understanding of what they say in Spanish. I really don't think that would happen so quickly. I highly recommend rocket Spanish to anyone, because it offers many ways to learn and has a great online support. I'm very happy that I went with the online option, because it could pick it up and put it in my spare time and not feel like I was falling in love. Once, years ago, I joined a group to learn French, but I felt it was the worst and slower so I missed a session; Well that was all then. It has never returned and I said goodbye to nearly $ 150. Experience has kept me from believing that he could learn another language. My girlfriend was the momentum it needed to learn Spanish and rocket was the device to do it. Now I have another few billion on the planet that I feel sure you converse with and is an incredible gift. Expect to learn quickly and without fault stress with rocket Spanish course. I find the English to Spanish dictionary and dips on a daily basis now to pick up new words. See you later! Mark W-Auckland, New Zealand the most critical 1490 t. ,